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Key Features

Streptavidin Mono Mag Magnetic beads, 1 µm


Carboxyl Mono Mag (1 µm, XC) are hydrophobic magnetic beads with carboxylic acid groups. These surface groups allow covalent amide bond formation to proteins/peptides via primary amine (NH2) groups. Oligonucleotides, antibodies or other ligands with amine groups can be easily coupled to the beads. Activation through carbodimide is required. With their large hydrophobic surface, uniform size and narrow size distribution, Carboxyl Mono Mag (1 µm, XC) exhibit rapid binding chemistry and high binding efficiency with protein or nucleic acids. Their compact structure also ensures faster magnetic separation than Carboxyl Hi-Sur Mag (1 µm).


  • High binding capacity
  • Narrow size distribution, CV≤5%
  • Immediate and gentle coupling at room temperature and neutral to low pH
  • No iron exposure to ensure lowest autosignal, particularly with respect to chemiluminescence
  • High chemical stability in solutions such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide
  • Low non-specific binding
  • Comparable performance with Dynabeads Myone Streptavidin T1
  • Specifications

  • Average Particle Size by Dynamic Light Scattering: 50 nm
  • Particle Size by TEM: 1 µm
  • Magnetic Content: 35%
  • Solvent:10 mM PBS, 0.05% NaN3, 0.01% Tween 20 , 0.1% BSA, pH 7.4
  • Storage2-8 °C; Do not freeze. Keep vial upright.
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    XV1001 XV1001 2 mL $199.00
    XV1002 XV1002 10 mL $599.00
    XV1003 XV1003 100 mL $4,290.00
    Concentration 10 mg/mL
    Particle Size 1 µm
    Product Description Streptavidin Mono Mag Magnetic beads, 1 µm
    Streptavidin Mono Mag Magnetic beads, 1 µm