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Ocean Nanotech has developed standard methods to conjugate magnetic particles to biomolecules reliably and reproducibly while maintaining the functions of the biomolecules. We offer custom conjugation of magnetic beads to the specific proteins, DNA, or other molecules provided by customers.

Our features include:
  • Surface of magnetic beads are optimized to reduce non-specific binding
  • Biomolecules are covalently bound to the magnetic beads with high binding capacity and stability

Molecular Biology Services

Plasmid purification, DNA subcloning and mutagenesis are routine molecular biology tasks that most labs have to handle, but yet it could be quite challenging when dealing with difficult cases. Repeating and trouble-shooting could be very time-consuming and require adequate expertise. Our speedy and affordable custom services are designed to free your hands so you would be able to concentrate on more important aspects in your scientific endeavors.

At Ocean Nanotech, we provide the following services:
  • Large scale plasmid DNA purification
  • DNA subcloning
  • Mutagenesis including both singe site-directed and multiple site-directed mutagenesis

Custom Particle Design and Synthesis

At Ocean Nanotech, we work with our customers to design and synthesize nano/micro particles to meet with each customer’s unique needs.

We offer:
  • Flexible size control from nanoscale to microscale including both monodispersed and high surface area particles
  • Optimization of particle properties including magnetic, fluorescent or a combination of both
  • Tailored surface chemistry and functionality
  • Flexible manufacturing scales up to 1 kg per batch

Please contact us to discuss your project.